04 August 2008

Seats available for Intro to CMMI in Eastern Iowa

DISCLAIMER:  This information is being provided as a service to anyone interested in taking Introduction to CMMI but can't find a time or place timageo do so with the SEI or other providers.  I do not profit from making this information available.

A client of mine in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is hosting Introduction to CMMI (for development) on 8-10 September, next month.

They'd like to make the class more robust by having more people in it.  The number of students will be limited to under 12, so it will still be a very intimate class with plenty of opportunity to get into specific questions and implementation issues.  A brief overview of CMMI-ACQ and CMMI-SVC will also be included.

In addition to the class materials and the "blue book", all participants will receive a zippered folio pad, pen, highlighter, CMMI poster, quick reference card, and a tote bag.  Breakfast and lunch are also included.

As I understand it, folks in that part of the country are willing to drive 5 hours or more to get around.  For folks like me, that's crazy-talk! 

If you know of people who are interested in taking Introduction to CMMI with an excellent instructor, great location and for a very reasonable cost, let me know by email (link on right side-bar) and I'll give you the cost and other details.

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At 27 August, 2008 07:03 , Blogger Mohamed El-Beltagy said...

I have a suggestion; why not making this class be available as well for free download or something like this for others.
I am living at Kuwait, and actually, I am very interested, but of course, will not be able to make it. So, why not making it available for download after the course.
Just record it and paste it.

At 27 August, 2008 07:34 , Blogger Hillel said...

Mohamed, the reason we cannot do this is because it would be contrary to the license agreement we have with the SEI.

Having said that, you have a good point and I do know that the SEI is looking at several new training packages and materials, and, at many new ways to deliver training.

I'll note your suggest to them as well.

At 15 June, 2009 19:39 , Blogger CAROLINE said...

Just wondering if SEI has created any WEBINAR/training this year? I'm currently residing in Denver Metro and have been attending several free webinars and trainings online and would like to know if SEI has done something similar.

At 15 June, 2009 19:50 , Blogger Hillel said...

There are webinars available from the SEI, though while useful, none of them are "official" training.

However, stay tuned.

We're working towards a suite of training for CMMI for Services and are hoping some of it can be webinar style.


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