06 December 2009

So you're really interested in CMMI for the rating only….

What can you do?

This entry addresses an important tip in those cases where you need to demonstrate a CMMI rating even though you’d otherwise have no intrinsic business reason compelling you to do so.

But first, I admonish organizations doing the compulsory CMMI ratings requirements in the first place.  So, if you’re a company being externally compelled to get a rating (which is different from being told “you need to improve!”), you might want to send a link to this finger-wagging to whoever needs to hear it.

However, as such a company being externally compelled to use CMMI (just to get a rating), this tip will make it MUCH easier and more beneficial.

Oh, one more thing…. I don’t mention this in the clip: If you’re such a company, don’t look to hire the cheapest, fastest appraiser/appraisal you can find.  Doing that will only make the cost and pain worse.  Both, short-term and long-term.

NEXT WEEK: Everything you thought you knew about CMMI is wrong.

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