11 November 2008

CMMI® or Agile: Why Not Embrace Both!

The third technical note to get started in 2008 is finally published with a cushion of 50 days left in the year!image


Yes, my friends, *the* paper we've all been waiting for has made it through the gauntlet of reviews and approvals at the SEI (which is, after all, still part of a major research university, CMU, so let's cut them some slack), and has been released!

This is likely the most fanfare it will get.  It's just not really their style, or mine, so it's rather suiting.

I would, however, like to put in appropriate props for my co-authors, Jeff Dalton, David Anderson, Mike Konrad, and Sandy Shrum.  They were a pleasure to work and collaborate with the entire time.  Despite not appearing at the top of the list, Mike and Sandy must own stock in the only thing worth any thing these days: midnight oil.  Thanks to them this paper even got out while the year still reads "2008".

Thanks also goes out to everyone with whom I've discussed the content of the paper, reviewed sections, and to my friends in Mt. Crested Butte, CO who provided great ideas back in September 2007.

Writing this entry from Mar del Plata, Argentina, where I've finished teaching the Introduction to CMMI Services Supplement earlier today and where the SEPG-LA starts tomorrow, and where I'm keynoting (now) on Thursday, is rather poetic to the whole episode:  Just another tick in the clock of time where I find myself away from home.  Working, teaching, speaking, and again amazed that I'm experiencing all of it.

Today, in the lobby, I met Edward James Olmos.  I'm sure I'll come up with some way to connect his latest hit to CMMI and Agile.  And, no, the SEI are not Cylons!  Nice try.  Read the paper.

Well, it's well past my bed time out here.  Busy days coming.

Peace to you.

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At 18 November, 2008 19:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Hillel,
I attended your session in SEPG LA 2008 -Mar del Plata, Argentina- and it was not only interesting but also very nice to hear you as a presenter.
Really good job. Congratulations!
Claudia Callegari
IBM, Argentina

At 23 November, 2008 15:08 , Blogger Hillel said...

Thanks Claudia! I believe we had lunch together, yes? It was nice to meet you.

At 16 December, 2008 13:29 , Blogger MMaham said...

Hi Hillel-

My first thoughts on this are on http://borland.typepad.com/agile_transformation/2008/12/the-mature-agile-organization.html. I am glad to see the two communities starting to overcome their misperceptions about each other! After being at your BOAF session on this @ last year's SEPG, I'm surprised it took this long to get the note out of the SEI/CMU apparatus....i only they knew someone that could help them be more Agile... :)


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