02 February 2010

Proper and Improper Use of CMMI

Just a few thoughts on some questions to pose as a sort of “guide” for whether or not you might expect benefits and value from using CMMI.  These also have the benefit of helping CMMI be implemented in a more lean/agile approach.

When implementing CMMI, Are you seeking . . .

  • Improvement or Compliance?
  • Empowerment or Definition?
  • Clarity & Awareness or Constraints & Rigidity?
  • Bottom-up input or Top-down direction?
  • To understand whether what you’re doing is working?  or Whether you’re doing what the process says?

In this case, we also value the things on the left more.


The things on the right are a longer road, with questionable benefits and many risks.  The things on the left get you to benefits and value sooner with less carnage and baggage.

Take your pick.

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At 08 February, 2010 17:00 , Blogger 彬彬 said...

I think current CMMI assessment process is seeking whether you are compliant with CMMI rather than whether you get improved from CMMI. This assessment process should be improved as well.

At 08 February, 2010 17:09 , Blogger Hillel said...



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