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Upcoming Speaking Events and . . . *discount codes* for you!

Friday, September 4th, 2009

A short list of confirmed upcoming events at which I’ll be speaking.
As I accumulate discount codes, I’ll pass them along.
I’m also including the (rather thematic) topics on which I’m speaking:

FedMarket – Entinex CMMI┬« Crash Course. Bethesda, MD USA, and online, 15 October 2009.

SEI SPIN Webinar – CMMI & Agile Working Together. Online. 15 October 2009.

Scrum Gathering – Open Space on Agile & CMMI. Munich, Germany, 19-21 October.

Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia – Keynote & Workshop on CMMI & Agile Working Together. Moscow, Russia, 28-29 October, 2009.

Agile Development Practices – Love & Marriage: Why CMMI and Agile Need Each Other.  Orlando, FL, USA. 9-12 November.
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As you can guess, I’m rather keen on spreading the word that it’s not enough to merely acknowledge that Agile and CMMI can work together, it’s time to start actually doing something to actively implement them together.  In fact, I’m going so far as to say

due to their respective points of view, instead of beefing up either of them to account for things the other doesn’t do, we ought to be using *both*!

And, if you’re not using both, you’re going to be left behind, because those that successfully implement the benefits of both Agile *and* CMMI will be unstoppable.