A starting point for a discussion on marrying Agile methods and CMMI.

I’ve been convinced to start a blog.

So I’m at the Software Enginering Institute’s main anual conference (SEPG 2006) in Nashville and I run into none other than Microsoft’s David J. Anderson who basically brow-beats me into writing a blog.

So… here it goes.

As a first entry I should probably make some mention of who I am and the sort of things I’m up to, but I can do that by pointing you towards my company Web site ‘about us’ page here.

Caught up yet?

Don’t worry.

Let’s just say I’m finding myself among the few who believe CMMI and Agile methods are not only possible but are, in fact, not at odds whatsoever. What makes my position on the matter somewhat unique (it turns out) is that I’m an authorized CMMI instructor and SCAMPI Lead Appraiser.

Let’s just close-out this entry with a few thoughts… perhaps this will be what drives the remaining posts… pehaps not, but it certainly frames much of the discussion I have on Agile CMMI:

  • CMMI® is about software process management, not technical development and doesn’t care what development methodology is used.
  • The key to marrying Agile and CMMI is in distinguishing between
    • software development methodologies and
    • software management methodologies.

Here’s something I find absurd:

  • Too many “Disciplinarians” believe “Agilists” think :
    • “We’re out to produce quality software in the absence of any process.”
  • Too many Agilists believe Disciplinarians think:
    • “Process is more important that productivity or profit.”
  • BOTH are absurd and neither perception is true.

So with that in mind, here’s where I stand:

  • It’s not the absence of process that makes a development method agile… It’s the absence of unnecessary or obstructive processes that makes a method agile.
  • Take the time to:
    • Understand the risks processes are trying to avoid.
    • Design the processes in alignment with productivity.

Hope to “see”you soon.

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