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Book Reviewers needed for High Performance Operations


In the midst of wrapping up a personally taxing week this past Friday, I was greeted by an entirely surprising event: A box with a small shipment of Advance Reader’s copies of my book arrived! High Performance Operations: Leverage Compliance to Lower Costs, Raise Profits, and Gain Competitive Advantage. You can read more about it here: http://amzn.com/0132779889

I’m looking for a few folks to read and honestly review it in preparation of launch in about 6 weeks.

People whose work are related to Operations Management, Lean Enterprises, Performance Management, and similar fields will be right for this work. I only have about half a dozen printed Advance Reader’s copies and I would like to send one to people open to reading it and writing a review on their own personal/professional blogs as well as on Amazon. (Sorry, I don’t have e-book versions and *wish* I did!)

If you are or know someone who would be open to this, please read on and then please contact me via the contact form here.

Since we only have a limited number of copies, we’re going to accept “applications” for readers to qualify them to receive a copy.

When completing the contact form, you can leave the checkboxes blank, but in the open text field, (if you are filling this out for yourselves) please include your blog URL, twitter ID, and any other pointers to writing you’ve done. Also, be sure to tell me about yourselves and why you’re the right person to review and write about a book of this topic. (I’ll assume you’ve read the preview information at the Amazon link, above.)

Remember, I’ve only got about a half-dozen copies to distribute, so we want to put these precious few copies into the right hands. If you’re referring us to someone, please give them all this information, or, give us enough information so we can reach out to them.

So, if you’re still reading, I believe whoever reads the book will find it very relevant to their work (regardless of whether or not they deal with matters of ‘compliance’). One of my earlier reviewers who works for Goldratt’s company called it “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

The book is officially set to launch on October 9th. It may come sooner, but I still need to get that sorted out. It would help us out if you wrote an honest review of High Performance Operations sometime during that week (ideally launch day). Should you blog, please include a link to http://www.hillelglazer.com/ which will be revised and re-launched that day as well. (It’s not ready yet.)

If you don’t mind, optionally include the same Amazon link, http://amzn.com/0132779889 in any blog postings.

If you choose to also post a review on Amazon, you won’t be able to do that until launch day. I’ll update those who receive a book with the exact date as more information becomes available.

Please mention @hi11e1 anytime you tweet about the book or your reviews of it.

Oh, if we accept your application to read and write a review, you’re accepting a free book from me. Doing so, you acknowledge your understanding of the FTC Guides regarding endorsements. Specifically, you agree to disclose in your blog (and Amazon review, if you write one) that you received a free advanced copy of the book, and you agree that your statements will be your honest opinions of the book.

Everyone who qualifies, receives an Advance Reader’s copy of the book, and writes a review will receive a signed copy of the fully published hard-copy of the book after it launches!

Still interested?

Please contact me and we’ll get copies out during the week of 29 August.


My professional passion is to build high performance organizations out of companies motivated to be lean, agile, and achieve world-class results. My best clients are companies who have the courage, leadership, insight, foresight and discipline to be the best places to work, the best value to their customers and the best performing for their shareholders. I take a tough love approach and, frankly, have little patience for executives who *want* these things but expect to achieve them without putting in any effort or making any changes.

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