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High Performance Operations (my book) is now available!

Why I wrote High Performance Operations…

This entry is a near-duplicate of the entry on my new site, hillelglazer.com.  That site and the blog there are dedicated to a broader perspective within which this  blog is a subset.   The launch of that site and blog coincides with the publication of my new the book, High Performance Operations: Leverage Compliance to Lower Costs, Raise Profits, and Gain Competitive Advantage.

I figured I’d explain how and why I ended up writing the book.

What you see behind me is my office.  This is where I “shoot” most of my blog entries, but I also shoot plenty of video from the field.  At conferences, clients, and even from my car.  Especially when the ideas are fresh in my mind and timely.  My entries are rarely polished, seldom rehearsed, and typically WYSIWYG.  Me. 

I try to keep my content to topics that impact what we’re trying to do, and, with this site, blog and the book, we’re trying to affect change.  We’re trying to help operations avoid having compliance issues drag them down in directions against their desired pursuits.  We do this through several aspects of lean and excellence. 

All things being equal, competing operations with similar market standings will end up fighting over a few percentage points in the noise.  We want to help operations stand apart from the crowd by operating at a level of performance their competition won’t try to reach.  One way to do this is to minimize, if not eliminate the burden of compliance on the operation.  It just so happens that what it takes to do this also has an immediate and long-lasting positive impact on the entire operation, compliance or otherwise.

I hope you join in the discussion over there and find value in your participation.



My professional passion is to build high performance organizations out of companies motivated to be lean, agile, and achieve world-class results. My best clients are companies who have the courage, leadership, insight, foresight and discipline to be the best places to work, the best value to their customers and the best performing for their shareholders. I take a tough love approach and, frankly, have little patience for executives who *want* these things but expect to achieve them without putting in any effort or making any changes.

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