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Death of an Industry

Monday, January 21st, 2008

I’m using this space to let people know of one of the utmost IDIOTIC things to ever happen in the State of Maryland.

It’s called the IT and Computer Services Tax.
Yup, that’s right! The killing of the “golden goose”. The death of an industry.

If you live in Maryland (or have business here, or clients, or friends, or family, or are thinking of expanding your business here….) you MUST take action.

Maryland’s Legislature snuck in a tax to balance the budget that will apply a 6% sales and use tax (the same tax they apply to most purchased items — which itself also went up from 5% to 6%) to computer and IT services.

This tax will effect everyone in the State, not just those companies who are pegged as being in that field. In the interests of full disclosure, my business will not be taxed. However, everyone I buy computer services from and everyone of my local clients could possibly be taxed which either means they’ll spend less on my business or charge me more for what I buy.

The bottom line here, is irrespective of whether you think you’ll be affected, you will. What’s bad for the IT industry is bad for everyone.

Please visit the Maryland Computer Services Association website for background information and an action list. They’ve made it very easy and FREE to take action whether or not you’re local.

No amount of logic or threats to leave the state seem to be enough. Maryland computer and IT services professionals need your help. Please take a few minutes to consider.