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Even Scott Adams (Dilbert) “gets it”!

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

OK people… if your approach to CMMI sounds like this Dilbert cartoon, maybe it’s time to face reality.  You can’t do it without proper training (whether in the form of traditional courses, or the knowledge-transfer mechanisms of mentoring, coaching, etc.)

In other words, if you’re trying to use CMMI and you’re not getting smart about what it is, Dilbert just called you out as a moron.


Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

A new Q &A have been added to the CMMIFAQ.
Answered is the not so trivial question: How do we pick a consultant or lead appraiser?

This question has come up a number of times. Not usually in such a straight-forward way. Actually, it often comes up in the form of something like:

Doesn’t the variation from lead appraiser to lead appraiser in model interpretation and what will be considered acceptable appraisal evidence make the model bereft of meaning and value?

It’s a legitimate question. How can a model really provide any guidance when there’s so much room for interpretation of the practices and what would be accepted as evidence by an appraiser during an appraisal?

Well, let’s go back to a basic and fundamental root: it’s a m o d e l not a standard or a process. (See this post, please, for more on that.)

And, as such, models are both incomplete and only representative of a particular reality, at best. Some people are just plain better at working with models than others. I’m beginning to believe it’s a talent. And, I’m not sure whether it’s a skill that can be taught — at least not quickly.

I’m still working on how to assess/interview a prospective consultant/lead appraiser for their “talent” at working with the CMMI model. The challenge for most organizations in need of a CMMI consultant/lead appraiser is that their knowledge and comfort level with the (CMMI) model may not be sufficient to recognize “good” answers from “poor” answers — in the context of the given organization, of course.

If you’ve got ideas, please let me know.

(Though… come to think of it… maybe that’s a handbook I ought to write!?)