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DIGGERS: Help REPEAL the computer services tax!

Literally overnight – with almost no input from the industry – a 6% tax on computer services was levied against all “computer services” in the state of Maryland. Think about the adverse effects on the state’s economy and on people like you and me. Visit this site, fire off an email to some state delegates, and help us repeal this tax!You’ve read me talking about it earlier… now I’m Digging it. Please do the same for us.Thanks!

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Also see: FightTheTechTax


My professional passion is to build high performance organizations out of companies motivated to be lean, agile, and achieve world-class results. My best clients are companies who have the courage, leadership, insight, foresight and discipline to be the best places to work, the best value to their customers and the best performing for their shareholders. I take a tough love approach and, frankly, have little patience for executives who *want* these things but expect to achieve them without putting in any effort or making any changes.

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