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Lean Camp New England: Boston, May 13

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

OK, OK, so it’s Mothers’ Day in the US… but we all miss out on family matters all the time for things far less awesome than this.

Lean Camp New England is a one day open space event led by Jim Benson, author of Personal Kanban. It is an opportunity to share and learn about Lean and Kanban in software development, IT operations and services, and other knowledge work fields.

Lean Camp New England is an all day event at the World Trade Center Boston, on May 13th (Sunday).
Registration is open now at a cost of $300 – catering is included.
Register at

Boston is the center of gravity for lean thinking in the US. However, much of that thinking has been in fields outside of IT and Software and Systems Engineering/Development.

If you live in New England, or people you know live in New England, and are interested in getting up-to-speed among the leading thinkers and practitioners in Lean in IT and Software and Systems Engineering/Development, I highly encourage you and them to register for Lean Camp New England.

This is a rare opportunity to enjoy a regional 1-day open space / unconference in conjunction with a large international conference, Lean Software & Systems 2012 – as a result a significant number of international experts will be present and participating.

Where else can you get direct coaching from the experts for only $300?

DIGGERS: Help REPEAL the computer services tax!

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Literally overnight – with almost no input from the industry – a 6% tax on computer services was levied against all “computer services” in the state of Maryland. Think about the adverse effects on the state’s economy and on people like you and me. Visit this site, fire off an email to some state delegates, and help us repeal this tax!You’ve read me talking about it earlier… now I’m Digging it. Please do the same for us.Thanks!

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