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Maximizing Travel Productivity (place-holder)

The instigation for this post comes from too many social media nodes that limit character length. So really, this post is a landing page directed from several other places. You might have reached here by other means, which is *great* and THANKS! The content is for everyone.

In looking back on my recent work-related travels, and in speaking with friends and colleagues about their travels, I realized that I have been losing out on opportunities to be far more productive when I’m on the road.

Specifically, to take advantage of being in a new/different-than-normal locale and to schedule speaking opportunities and meetings that I ordinarily wouldn’t be able to carry out simply for being in the wrong part of the world most of the time.

I got a sense of that last June, but it was thanks to the proactive efforts of a colleague, and, I failed to pick up the clue phone. Last month I took a stab at reversing that pattern and found it very easy to do and rewarding. Now, I’m looking ahead and hoping to pick-up more of the same along similar lines.

So, with this in mind, I’m listing my upcoming farther-than-day-trip travel events and I invite readers to contact me if I’ll be near enough to you such that we can arrange for me to drop in to talk all-things-CMMI-and-Agile. Whether it’s a ‘formal’ speaking or teaching situation or just a meeting over coffee (or beer) (or a white-board) to chat about specific challenges.

If I’m already out and about, it’s great to be able to “get local”. I really enjoy digging into everyday challenges with different crowds. That’s what I’m using in this post as a measure of ‘productivity’. Come to think of it, isn’t this like release planning mixed with process improvement at the personal travel level? Where’d *that* idea come from?! ;-)

Upcoming Travel (and level of flexibility):
22-26 March: San Jose, CA, USA (firm)
27-30 April: London, England, UK (mostly firm)
07-13 June: Prague, Czech Republic (fluid)

So if you are in or near any of these areas, and would like to get together (or have me drop in) let me know.


My professional passion is to build high performance organizations out of companies motivated to be lean, agile, and achieve world-class results. My best clients are companies who have the courage, leadership, insight, foresight and discipline to be the best places to work, the best value to their customers and the best performing for their shareholders. I take a tough love approach and, frankly, have little patience for executives who *want* these things but expect to achieve them without putting in any effort or making any changes.

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  1. Jesse Fewell says:

    You may want to try posting your travels on LinkedIn via TripIt. Try here: http://www.linkedin.com/opensocialInstallation/preview?_ch_panel_id=1&_applicationId=1800

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