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Maximizing Travel Productivity (place-holder)

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

The instigation for this post comes from too many social media nodes that limit character length. So really, this post is a landing page directed from several other places. You might have reached here by other means, which is *great* and THANKS! The content is for everyone.

In looking back on my recent work-related travels, and in speaking with friends and colleagues about their travels, I realized that I have been losing out on opportunities to be far more productive when I’m on the road.

Specifically, to take advantage of being in a new/different-than-normal locale and to schedule speaking opportunities and meetings that I ordinarily wouldn’t be able to carry out simply for being in the wrong part of the world most of the time.

I got a sense of that last June, but it was thanks to the proactive efforts of a colleague, and, I failed to pick up the clue phone. Last month I took a stab at reversing that pattern and found it very easy to do and rewarding. Now, I’m looking ahead and hoping to pick-up more of the same along similar lines.

So, with this in mind, I’m listing my upcoming farther-than-day-trip travel events and I invite readers to contact me if I’ll be near enough to you such that we can arrange for me to drop in to talk all-things-CMMI-and-Agile. Whether it’s a ‘formal’ speaking or teaching situation or just a meeting over coffee (or beer) (or a white-board) to chat about specific challenges.

If I’m already out and about, it’s great to be able to “get local”. I really enjoy digging into everyday challenges with different crowds. That’s what I’m using in this post as a measure of ‘productivity’. Come to think of it, isn’t this like release planning mixed with process improvement at the personal travel level? Where’d *that* idea come from?! ;-)

Upcoming Travel (and level of flexibility):
22-26 March: San Jose, CA, USA (firm)
27-30 April: London, England, UK (mostly firm)
07-13 June: Prague, Czech Republic (fluid)

So if you are in or near any of these areas, and would like to get together (or have me drop in) let me know.